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Welding gauge

For corner seams, the angle of the inclined surface, the width of the base of the corner seam.

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Measurement Range Graduation Accuracy
Crown Height 0-25mm(0-1″) 1mm(1/16″) +/-0.5mm
Fillet Weld Leg Height 0-25mm(0-1″) 1mm(1/16″) +/-0.5mm
Misalignment (high-low) 0-25mm(0-1″) 1mm(1/16″) +/-0.5mm
Undercut Depth 0-2mm(0-1/8″) 1mm(1/16″) +/-0.5mm
Fillet Weld Throat Size 0-20mm(0-3/4″) 1mm(1/16″) +/-0.5mm
Angle of Preparation 0-60° +/-1°
Length 0-60mm(0-2″) 1mm(1/16″) +/-0.5mm
45° Angle +/-1°