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The new TR Scan Compact WLI range allows measurements on any type of material with sub-nanometric resolution.

With its simplicity of use and small size it integrates easily in a lab environment and permit to realize quick and simple measurements.

  • Non-contact
  • Small footprint
  • Measuring range 400 µm
  • Resolution 0.1 nanometer
  • Extremely easy to use
  • 2.5x and 5x Michelson type optics for a wide field of view
  • Exchangeable optics, or mounted on a carousel
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WLI (While Light Interferometry) technology combined with a piezo motor allows extremely fast measurements.
The table allows manual movement with workpieces weighing up to 5 kg.Motorized tables are available as an option to extend the X&Y measuring range.

Technical specification

Specifications WLI 2.5x WLI 5x WLI 10x  WLI 20x   WLI 50x  WLI 100x
Resolution  0.1 nm 0.1 nm   0.1 nm  0.1 nm 0.1 nm  0.1 nm
Lateral resolution (X/Y) 4.81 µm 4.81 µm 1.2 µm 0.9 µm  0.66 µm  0.52 µm
Measuring range 400 µm 400 µm 400 µm 400 µm  400 µm 400 µm 
Measuring range X/Y ~4536 µm x

~3447 µm

~2268 µm x

~1723 µm

~1134 µm  x

~861 µm

~567 µm   x

~430 µm

~226 µm x

 ~172 µm

~113 µm  x

 ~86 µm

Optical Zoom 2.5x 5x 10x  20x  50x  50x
Working distance ~10.3 mm ~9.3 mm ~7.4 mm ~4.7 mm  ~3.4 mm  ~3.4 mm


Z-axis displacement

The Z-axis travel wheel has two functions: quick movement and fine positioning to easily adjust the working distance.

Tilt Adjustment

The tilt adjustment of the table is done using the two knobs on the front of the table.

Mounting Bases

The table’s thumbwheel allows precise movement in X & Y.  


A carousel of optics is available as an option.