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All-in-one horizontal measuring bench with integrated measuring system, display and Bluetooth® technology for internal or external dimensions up to 70mm.


  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Machine tool
  • Medical device
  • Watch making


  • Diameter
  • Form deviation
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  • All-in-one Integration: This measuring bench comes with integrated measuring system, integrated display and integrated Bluetooth technology for the fast measurement of internal or external dimensions depending on model.
  • Seamless Data Aquisition: Integrated Bluetooth® Smart data transmission, allowing you to transmit measurements wirelessly, quickly and error-free for enhanced productivity. Also features a Proximity to USB data output.
  • Clever Design: Easily and quickly measure internal dimensions thank to its 2-point measurement with positionning of the workpiece in the measuring axis by 2 movable centring pins. Add the adjustable measuring force and eliminated completely operator biases.
  • Built to Last: Our PS16 bench series is built to last in demanding workshop environments. Ball bearing guide and IP67 protection class ensure reliability in various conditions.
  • Versatile and Customizable: Our bench can be equipped with an extensive selection of measuring anvils and support tables, it comes with 0.4mm thick anvils. Tailored solutions are also available upon request. It also features an adjustable and reversible measuring force (0.1-0.6 N) eliminating operator’s biases.
  • Superior Performance: Our bench is designed for measuring watch cases, rings and thin parts that would otherwise be challenging to handle, ensuring consistent and reliable results. With a proven track record in demanding watchmaking applications, you can trust our bench to deliver accurate measurements every time.