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Sample Management up to live image and 3D-Smartview

Sophisticated Software Architecture



QPIX SOFTWARE CONTROL2: suitable for: Qness 60 A/A+ EVO, Qness 150 A/A+, Qness 250/750/3000 A/A+


Intuitive, structured and professional

Revolutionary 3D Operation

Intuitive, structured and professional Revolutionary 3D Operation

Qpix Control2 heralds a new generation of hardness testing software. It has been developed based on customer input and feedback to guarantee maximum user-friendliness. New standards in hardness testing are now being established thanks to the controlled test head with automatic height adjustment and contact-free gauging, complete integration of the Qness sample holders, CAD compatibility with 3D component imaging and a wide variety of easily comprehensible 3D control elements and view angles within the software.

Innovative CAS technology (Collision Avoidance System) protects the mechanical components in the device from collisions and operating errors by generating 3D preview calculations of all movements in the visualized testing area.


Load samples, load row, start

3 Steps to the result

Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_1. Load samples

1. Load samples

The machine moves automatically to sample holder height. Image of sample is taken automatically.



Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_2. Load samples

2. Load row

SRS – Speedy Row Set-up: Drag the row of test points to the desired position. The serial Auto-Snap function corrects the starting point of the test row automatically



Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_3. Start Test Sequence

3. Start Test Sequence

The test sequence is executed according to the applicable hardness testing standards.



Unlimited possibilities with a comprehensive range of serial features


Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_Multiple and diverse samples

Multiple and diverse samples

Simple management of several samples at the same time even with a variety of sample types in a single mould.




Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_Clearly structured Template Management

Clearly structured Template Management

Graphic presentation of stored templates with compre-hensively detailed descriptions and freely selectable guidelines.




Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_CHD_SHD_NHD with Optimum stop

CHD/SHD/NHD with Optimum stop

Time-saving test mode ‘Complete all indentations – then evaluate’ and ‘Optimum Stop’ to complete test series as soon as the lower hardness limit has been undercut.




Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_Welding Sample Tools

Welding Sample Tools

Points along – and parallel to – a polygon line, test point marking and guide circles for exact test point positioning in the heat affected zone of the welded sample.




Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_Sinter Functions

Sinter Functions

Grouping of test points to gain averages and deletion of anomalies in hardness profiles.




Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_Predictive calculation of test points

Predictive calculation of test points

Displays the expected indentation size to simplify positi-oning and provides graphic warning when test points are closer than the normed minimum distance.




Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_Panorama Image Function

Panorama Image Function

For sample image camera and measurement camera. Crystal clear sample images, from very small to extremely large test items. Automatic imaging can be programmed for before and after test sequence completion.



Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_Professional Data Management

Professional Data Management

Configurable protocol and data presentation. Wide range of structuration options for stored test item data. Adaptable content for export files and protocol content simplifies daily operation with Qpix Control2 software.



Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_Advanced Test Block Management

Advanced Test Block Management

Redefining calibration result management: The Qness Calibration Manager can be set up to provide users with reminders of necessary checks at selected intervals. Test results can be added to the ongoing statistical profile at the push of a button.




Edge Recognition, Contour Scan, Intelligent options

Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_dge Recognition

Edge Recognition

Working with program templates and the edge recognition software module makes fine-positioning of test rows irrelevant. The machine moves to the start points automatically and corrects their positions before the test sequence is started.



Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_Contour Scan

Contour Scan

Users can choose whether to approach the entire section or a partial segment of a contour. The measurement lens scans the entire route and stores all data in the program. Subsequently, a chosen number of the test points can be programmed into the system, or at chosen distances, relative to the edge. This programming enables the hardness testing sequence to be conducted completely automatically.



Qness (QATM) QPIX CONTROL2_2D_3D Mapping

2D/3D Mapping

Distribution of hardness across segments or entire surfaces of heat treated components. Coloured graphic representation in 2D and freely rotatable 3D views of the sample image.




4K/ultra high definition and 18-megapixel color camera

Qpix Control2 supports 4K/Ultra High Definition imaging and the new 18-megapixel USB 3.0 colour camera system for crystal clear images of operating surface and indentations. The versatile software basis adapts to every monitor and 4 standard zoom steps expand the scope of lens operation. Control via Qness high-end PC or via a PC system supplied by the customer.