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Qness (QATM) Model 150 CS ECO combines high-quality workmanship with maximum operation simplicity.


The Rockwell hardness tester Qness 150 CS ECO is part of the QATM ECO product line and combines high-quality workmanship with maximum operation simplicity. The characteristic “C” shaped machine frame in robust and compact design (“S” for “small”) gives the product its name.

The proven concept with fixed test head and up/down moving spindle has been standard in Rockwell hardness testing for many decades and is ideally suited for small to medium-sized test pieces and application in almost any work surroundings.

Product Advantages

  • Large test force range (1 kg – 250 kg)
  • Direct depth gauging system
  • Robust, welded steel frame
  • High-quality steel sheet covers
  • Integrated LED workspace lighting
  • Capacitive 7” touch screen display


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QNESS 150 CS Eco

Normcompliant with a direct depht-gauging system 

Maximum QATM precision


QATM configures the Rockwell hardness tester Qness 150 CS ECO with a direct, ultra-precise HEIDENHAIN depth-gauging system, positioned exactly on the axis of the indenter. This omits measurement inaccuracies caused by deformation in the system. Another unbeatable benefit: Indenting depth can be gauged directly – and absolutely, and can be easily calibrated in accordance with the latest Rockwell norms ASTM E 18:2020 and DIN EN  ISO 6508.



Test Methods & Force Range

QNESS 150 CS Eco

Test Methods & Force Range



  • HBT (not acc. to standards



  • HVT (not acc. to standards)



DIN EN ISO 6508, ASTM E-18

  • HRA – HRV

  • HR15-N/T/W/X/Y

  • HR30-N/T/W/X/Y

  • HR45-N/T/W/X/Y




  • 49.03 N

  • 132.9 N

  • 357.9 N

  • 961 N

Integrated conversions: DIN EN ISO 18265, DIN EN ISO 5015

Sophisticated Machine Construction, Ultra-Simple Operation

QNESS 150 CS Eco

Sophisticated Machine Construction, Ultra-Simple Operation


Compact Design – Latest technology

Modern features provided as standard:

  • Controlled force application (1kg to 250kg)
  • Direct depth-gauge-system (0.05μm resolution)
  • Robust welded stell frame and sheet-stell covers
  • 7” color touchscreen operation with Qpix TE software
  • Digital data delivery via USB interface
  • Fully automated test cycle: Electronic force application and closed-loop control


Test table height adjustment

Via stable, ultra-precise roller-bearing spindle guide. Solid, nomaintenance structure. Each Rockwell hardness tester is available with a Ø25 mm table mount (optional ¾” adapter available) facilitating the use of a wide range of test tables and devices.




Made in Austria

Unmatched in its class! We know how important a long-serving superior-quality device can be and guarantee excellent quality from our new Rockwell hardness tester series. Developed and manufactured in Austria!



Intuitive features and operation

QNESS 150 CS Eco

Intuitive features and operation


Qness 150 CS Eco _Start Button

Start Button

Simple and rapid start via the start button at the front of the Rockwell hardness tester (particularly when wearing gloves) or via touchscreen control.




Qness 150 CS Eco _removable downholder

Removable downholder

No need for long retooling breaks due to inaccessible test points. The clamping head can be removed via 2 screws. Now, even test points in hard-to-reach contours can be accessed with ease.




Qness 150 CS Eco _digital data export

Digital data export

Test results and all related information can be transferred to other data storage mediums via the USB port at the side.




The perfect introduction to Rockwell hardness testing

QNESS 150 CS Eco

The perfect introduction to Rockwell hardness testing 


Operation display and Qpix TE-software

We have developed a 7” color display with a robust sheet steel frame for the new Rockwell hardness tester series. The display uses capacitivetouch technology and has been optimized to guarantee operational precision and rapid reaction times. The new Qpix TE software guarantees simple operation with larger buttons and a more modern and intuitive software interface.




  • Extra-large, clearly-visible presentation of test results
  • High-/low-quality evaluation of results featured in green and red according to the tolerance levels set
  • Test results list for 999 values
  • Statistics overview (min/max/range/cp/cpk/average)
  • Conversion
  • Surface corrections
  • Simple test method changeover
  • Wide range of operating languages
  • Password protected area for expanded range of settings


Technical Data

QNESS 150 CS Eco


Technical Data

Test force range 1 – 250 kg (9.81 – 2452 N)
Height adjustment manual / spindle
Test height 250 mm
Throat depth 157 mm
Test table Ø 100 mm
Max. workpiece weight 100 kg
Weight of basic device 77 kg
Test sequence fully automated / electronic force application
Software Qpix TE
Display 7″ capacitive touch (color)
Interfaces 1x USB
Power supply 100 – 240 V, ~1/N/PE, 45 – 65 Hz
Max. power consumption ~60 W
Accessories Additional indenters, hardness test bocks, machine pedestal, prisms