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MAHR MarForm MFU 100 Reference form measuring station

The journey from high precision measuring axes to competent measurements is often a long one that the MFU 100 has mastered completely. Only the MFU 100 has integrated reference elements for the real-time spatial compensation of geometric deviations, recording all profiles as high precision 3D coordinates.

For decades, MarForm measuring machines have been recognized for their accuracy and stability. The new MarForm MFU 100 was developed with the claims of testing the shape and position features of product parts in a one liter measuring volume close to the production area and at a reasonable cost. In doing so, it has taken our long experience into a new dimension.

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MarForm MFU 100 Reference form measuring station

MarForm MFU 100 is a precision reference form measuring center. Its exceptionally low measurement uncertainty increases the tolerance margin for your production processes, thereby lowering production costs.
  • Circular roundness measuring axis (C)
  • Motorized centering and tilting table (X, Y, A, B)
  • Vertical straightness measuring axis (Z)
  • Horizontal straightness measuring axis (X)
  • Tangential multifunction axis (Y)
  • Motorized length measuring probe T7W
  • MarWin Evaluation Software for form and position features

All axes are coordinated to ensure maximum measuring reliability. The horizontal X axis extends beyond the center of the workpiece, allowing ‘true parallelism’ to be checked free from other measuring influences. The tangential Y axis is an innovative new feature. This additional motorized axis, which is new to conventional form testers, helps to locate the zenith of miniature workpiece geometries without operator influence. The actual precision measurement can then be started in exactly the right place. This significantly increases process accuracy.

The Y axis is used together with the vertical Z axis and the horizontal X axis to determine the workpiece diameter. This allows tolerances to be checked in the sub-nanometer range by the maximum material principle, in accordance with standards, for the very first time and at a very reasonable price.

High resolution digital scales in conjunction with the machine electronics provide a level of positioning accuracy which allows even miniature part geometries to be tested. MarForm MFU 100 is also suitable for error-free scanning of surfaces.

The MarWin Software package offers the full range of functions of a modern measuring and evaluating application including user friendly records and electronic documentation in the company network.

The rigorous separation of control and evaluation functions ensures that MarForm MFU 100 is future proof and expandable. New languageversions, special evaluations and new standards are easy to incorporate. The MFU 100 is also ready for the addition of future sensor systems.

In short: MarForm MFU 100 brings form measuring machines for inspection rooms and production areas into a new dimension.

MarForm MFU 110 with optional optical sensor which is interchangeable with T7W (motorized).


Technical Data

Roundness deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring height) *
0,01 + 0,0002
Roundness deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring height) **
0,02 + 0,0004
Axial runout deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring radius) *
0,02 + 0,0002
Axial runout deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring radius) **
0,04 + 0,0004
Centering and tilting table
Table diameter (mm)
Table load capacity, centered (N)
Speed (rpm) 50 Hz / 60 Hz
0.1 to 15
Straightness deviation / 100 mm measuring path (µm)**, Z axis
Straightness deviation / total measuring path (µm)**, Z axis
Parallelism deviation Z-/C axis in tracing direction, measuring path (µm)
Measuring speed (mm/s), Z axis
0.1 to 50
Positioning speed (mm/s), Z axis
0.1 to 50
Straightness deviation / total measuring path (µm)**, X axis
Perpendicularity X/C axis, measuring path (µm)
Positioning speed (mm/s), X axis
0.1 to 50
Measuring speed (mm/s), X axis
0.1 to 50


  • Checking product parts for form and position features
  • Recording of all profiles as high-precision 3D coordinates with real-time spatial compensation of geometric deviations
  • Scanning of surfaces, roughness evaluation
  • Scanning and evaluation of contours and shapes


  • optionally also MarForm MFU 100 WP with optical sensor interchangeable with T7W (motorized)