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Helmut-Fisher FERITSCOPE DMP30 for ferrite content

The FERITSCOPE® DMP30 allows you to measure ferrite content in a reliable, tactile, and non-destructive way.

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For ferrite content


  • Robust and powerful handheld instrument for measuring ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steels
  • Measuring method: Magnetic inductive
  • Measured value memory: 250,000 measured values in 2,500 batches
  • Rugged aluminum housing with IP64 protection, Gorilla Glass and soft bumpers
  • Exchangeable Li-Ion battery for > 24 h operating time
  • Easy data transfer via USB-C and Bluetooth
  • Live feedback via light, sound and vibration for limit monitoring
  • Cal Check function to verify your currently used calibration
  • Digital and analog probes available, with the F-adapter you still have access to the entire Fischer probe portfolio
  • Available with the new Tactile Suite software


  • Determination of delta ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steels
  • Determination of the proportion of deformation martensite in austenitic materials
  • Detection of welds in polished surfaces
  • Detection of ferrite content distribution along a weld seam

The benefits of the rugged handheld device are particularly evident in chemical plants, power plants and process plants, where austenitic steels and duplex steels need to withstand heat, aggressive media and high pressure. With its modern design and intuitive Tactile Suite software, the instrument provides impressive functionality. Various probes from Fischer give you full flexibility, so you can easily measure ferrite content even if the location is difficult to access. Just put the probe on the surface – the FERITSCOPE® DMP30 does the rest.




  • Robust and handy device for fast and exact determination of ferrite content onsite
  • Display of the measured value in ferrite percentage (% Fe) or as ferrite number (FE)
  • Large and easily readable display with comprehensive functions
  • Measures automatically as soon as the probe is applied
  • Various probes available for reliable measurement even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Large choice of calibration materials available
  • Just one calibration required for the entire measurement area
  • Also available as a module with full functionality for the stationary measurement instrument MMS PC2


  • Ideal for the measurement of ferrite content in pipework, boilers, containers