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Gauge block test station EMP II

The innovative EMP II can test class 0, 1 and 2 gauge blocks. With a measuring range between 0.5 and 100mm and a resolution of 0.01µm, it is always precise.

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For gauge block testing classes 0, 1 and 2:

  • 0 Gauge blocks to calibrate other gauges and measuring devices in an
    air-conditioned measuring laboratory
  • 1 Work standards in measuring chamber to check gauges and to adjust
    measuring devices
  • 2 Work standards in production process to check gauges and to adjust
    measuring devices

System description

Thermal influences on the measuring result are mostly reduced by setting the EMP 2 up locally consisting of a heavy cast base with positioning and measuring unit, a motor switching unit and PU 23 interface unit.

Comparison occurs against gauge blocks which are at least one class better. The extremely precise mechanics to position the measuring heads on the sample, guarantee a high degree of reproducibility of the measuring results and therefore fast and reliable calibration of your gauge blocks. Tests are carried out according to DIN EN 3650 and meet DAkkS requirements.

Optionally available measuring, documentation and
administration software automatically processes all measuring results of the PU23 interface unit and ensures a complete documentation of your gauge blocks.



Technical data

  • Application range 0,5 – 100 mm
  • Resolution 0,01 µm
  • Measuring uncertainty (length difference D < 10 µm) 0,03 µm + 0,002 * D


  • Semi-automatic measuring, defined measuring points using a switching gate
  • Local set-up for thermal decoupling
  • Two opposite positioned encoders for differential measuring
  • Comparative measurements against gauge block reference
  • Automatic lifting of gauge block while moving to points
  • High reproducibility of measuring values
  • Fast measuring thanks to safe one-hand mechanics, fast measuring data recording
  • Automatic transfer of all measuring values to downstream software (eg.: QMSOFT)
  • Easy and safe to use thanks to ergonomic design
  • Extra heavy design with cast body in portal design

The FMSplus

Gauge block test station EMP 2:

Investment casting base, display and interface unit PU42, external control unit, manual switch, plexiglass hood, frame and crank 30 and 35 mm, gauge block vacuum lifter, tweezers, tongs for larger gauge blocks, cover hood, multiple plug socket, operating instructions