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BADGER iSonic 4000 Open Channels Ultrasonic flow meter

  • Integrated data logger
  • IP 67 mini USB interface, Ethernet, ModBus®  RS485/RS422
  • IP 67


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BADGER iSonic 4000

Open Channels Ultrasonic flow meter


The iSonic 4000 is an intelligent and versatile ultrasonic meter / controller designed to measure level, volume and open channel flow.

It is used for influent and effluent measurements, flow control and data logging.

max. flow:
from 60 up to 110460 l/min
from -20 up to 60 °C
Water & waste water industry, Chemical industry, General industry

Measuring principle

Ultrasonic flow meters

Ultrasonic signals are alternately sent in and against the flow direction. Ultrasonic energy bursts are transmitted and received via well-defined paths across the flow stream. The velocity of the flow is accurately measured by the difference in the arrival times of signals from the upstream and downstream transducers. The transit time difference (Δt = t 2 – t 1) determines the average flow velocity.


Technical Data


Enclosure Aluminium housing
Dimensions H xW x D 164 x 148 x 80 mm
Protection class IP 67
Operating temperature range -20 °C up to +60 °C
Outputs 1 analog output 0/4 – 20 mA / 0 – 10 mA, flow direction is displayed via a separate status output
1 pulse output, 2 open collectors passive 32 VDC
0-100 Hz 100 mA, 10 – 10.000 Hz 20 mA, optional active,
status output, min./max. alarm, preselection, flow direction, failure alarm, free programmable
Impuls 1 analog input 4-20 mA
Display function Level, flow, total and status
Supply voltage 92- 275 VC or 9 – 36 VDC
Programming PC with software (password protected), 3 front panel keys
Datalogger 2 MB, programmable time intervals, records available as table
Interface Mini USB IP67, RS232, RS485, ModBus®, RTU, Ethernet