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Helmut-Fischer FMP10/40, tactile method

Entry-level handheld devices with graphic display and USB interface for professional and mobile coating thickness measurement.

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tactile method


The handheld coating thickness measurement devices from the FMP10 to FMP40 range deliver precise results and the various measurement techniques available make them highly flexible. Models are available with magnetic inductive measurement (DELTASCOPE), eddy current measurement (ISOSCOPE) or both techniques combined (DUALSCOPE). By attaching different probes to these instruments, you quickly create the right solution for virtually any measurement task.






  • Changeable probes provide flexibility for a diverse range of measurement tasks
  • Automatic recognition of probe and substrate material
  • Measurement results always visible via the large, easy-to-read color display
  • Simple device operation via intuitive menu
  • Memory for up to 1000 readings
  • Measurement acquisition as soon as the probe is applied
  • Adaptation to the measured part through zero-point correction (normalization)
  • Simple corrective calibration
  • Fast data transfer via USB interface
  • Keyboard lock prevents unintentional operation
  • Variety of display languages
  • Switch between the measurement units µm and mils
  • Measurement with tracking display for continuous surface sampling
  • Display of important characteristics such as mean value, standard deviation, min, max and range


Additional features with FMP30 and FMP40


  • External start button – ideal for measurements in e.g. hollow cylinders with small diameters
  • Acoustic and visual warning when tolerance limits are exceeded
  • Graphical evaluation of the measurement results
  • Statistics of the most important characteristics displayed in block and final results, as well as analysis of variance (ANOVA) values
  • Instead of memory for 1 measuring task, application memory for up to 100 measuring tasks including calibration
  • Memory for up to 20,000 measured values
  • Structuring of the measured values in up to 4000 blocks
  • Special measuring modes support coating thickness measurements according to IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA2, QUALANOD or QUALICOAT
  • Bluetooth or COM interface option in addition to the USB interface




  • Chrome, copper or zinc coatings on steel and iron
  • Paint, varnish or plastic coatings on steel and iron
  • Measurement of surface profile depth with the FPR1 probe


  • Paint, varnish or plastic coatings on aluminum, copper or brass
  • Chrome or nickel on aluminum, copper or brass
  • Copper on printed circuit boards
  • Anodized coatings on aluminum
  • Measurement of surface profile depth with the FPR1 probe


  • Measurements on steel and iron as well as on non-ferromagnetic metals and non-conductive substrates (see applications for DELTASCOPE and ISOSCOPE)
  • Measurement of duplex coatings (lacquer/zinc) on steel with separate display of lacquer and zinc coatings
  • Measurement of surface profile depth with the FPR1 probe