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Karl DEUTSCH Wall Thickness ECHOMETER 1076 Data, + Statics evaluation, + Data memory, + Data interface to PC and printer

2 in 1 plus: The new ECHOMETER 1076 Data


High quality standards, simple operation and an outstanding cost-performance ratio are always one package when choosing the instrument supplier KARL DEUTSCH.

The innovative dual-use instrument measures wall thickness and sound velocities and convinces due to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, modern design and an attractive pricing.
Thanks to its easy operation via a user-friendly plain text menu the ECHOMETER 1076 Data is suitable for quality control on the shop floor as well as for measurement of containers or pipelines which are possibly corroded inside.
The measuring range for the ECHOMETER 1076 Data covers 0.5 to 400 mm wall thickness (depending on the probe).
For the measurement of the sound velocity, all materials between 100 to 19,999 m/s can be inspected.

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Wall Thickness ECHOMETER 1076 Data

+ Statics evaluation, + Data memory, + Data interface to PC and printer



The ECHOMETER 1076 Data uses TR probes. In addition to the standard probe for the most common wall thickness values from 1.2 to 250 mm, a high resolution probe for thin-walled components from 0.5 to 25 mm and a low-frequency probe for wall thickness values of 5 up to 400 mm are available.

The instrument identifies the connected probe type automatically when it is placed on the specimen or on the reference block, which is inserted in the front cover of the housing. Differences in sensitivity and characteristics are compensated automatically.




Graphics display and ample memory

The user-friendly plain text menu is shown on a large, back-lit graphics display.

Whether in the lab, in the production and assembly shop or outside on the construction site:
The built-in data memory permits storage of up to 9999 readings structured in up to 999 batches each, so on-site measurements can be reliably documented.






for measuring wall thickness or sound velocity, incl. data storage, interface for data transfer to a PC, dust protection cap for interface socket, display illumination, batteries, carrying case, 100 ml couplant ECHOTRACE

TR probe DSE 10.4/6 PB 4, 1 m cable, Lemo 00 1465.762
Grip sleeve for DSE 10.4/6 PB 4 and DSE 8.3/15 PB 5 C for use w/ protective foils 1934.151
Set of protective foils (10 pcs) for DSE 10 x, S 12 Wx, SE 10 x 1930.006
TR probe DSE 4.2/4 PB 10, 1 m cable, Lemo 00 1465.671
Grip sleeve for (D)SE 4.2/4 PBx for use w/ protective foils 1934.251
Set of protective foils (10 pcs) for (D)SE 4.2/4 PB x 1930.005
TR probe DSE 18/25 PB 2, 1 m cable, Lemo 00 1465.361
Grip sleeve for DSE 18/25 PBx for use w/ protective foils 1934.201
Set of protective foils (10 pcs) for DSE 18/25 PB x 1930.004
Further accessories:
Stepped reference block 2 to 25 mm, made from steel 1713.001
Stepped reference block 2-5-10 mm, made from steel 1713.002
Protective bag for ECHOMETER 1075, 1076 1868.003
Rechargeable battery set NiMH (2 x 1.2 V AA) in place of standard batteries 6016.001
Quick charger unit 230 V (for 4 NiMH batteries w/ pre-discharge and over charge protection) 6015.002
ECHOTRACE couplant, 500 cm³ bottle 9000.003
ECHOFLUID couplant, 1 l bottle 9004.002
Spare dust protection cap for interface socket 1869.001
Cable to connect an ECHOMETER 1076 Data to the RS 232 interface of a PC 1657.308
For PC w/ USB: Adapter cable USB -> RS232 incl. driver CD (additionally to 1657.308) 2691.001
PC software “iCom” for data administration
(Windows XP / 2000 / Vista / 7 (32/64) / 8 + 8.1 (32/64) / 10 (32/64))
PC software EasyExport
(Windows XP / 2000 / Vista / 7 (32/64) / 8 + 8.1 (32/64))
Mobile thermo printer (battery operated) 6010.201
Replacement paper roll for thermo printer 6010.201 (5 pcs.) 6010.202