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Measure copper thickness on printed circuit boards quickly, accurately, non-destructively, and without the influence of underlying copper layers, with the SR-SCOPE® DMP30. 

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DMP 30


  • Robust and powerful handheld device for measuring copper thickness on printed circuit boards
  • Measuring method: Micro resistance
  • Measured value memory: 250,000 measured values in 2,500 batches
  • Rugged aluminum housing with IP64 protection, Gorilla Glass and soft bumpers
  • Exchangeable Li-Ion battery for > 24 h operating time
  • Easy data transfer via USB-C and Bluetooth
  • Live feedback via light, sound and vibration for limit monitoring
  • Cal Check function to verify your currently used calibration
  • Digital probe available
  • Available with the new Tactile Suite software


  • Measurement of copper thickness on the top side of printed circuit boards and multilayers, without insulated deeper copper layers influencing the measurement.
  • Measuring range with probe D-PCB: copper layer thicknesses from 0.5 – 10 µm and 5 – 120 µm

With extensive functionalities and processed in a robust and high-quality housing with a modern design and intuitive Tactile Suite software, our SR-SCOPE® DMP30 is the ideal choice for measuring copper layers on printed circuit boards. Connect the D-PCB digital probe to the SR-SCOPE DMP30 and measure conductivity using the electrical 4-point resistance method according to DIN EN 14571.


  • Robust and handy device for fast and exact determination of ferrite content onsite
  • Display of the measured value in ferrite percentage (% Fe) or as ferrite number (FE)
  • Large and easily readable display with comprehensive functions
  • Measures automatically as soon as the probe is applied
  • Various probes available for reliable measurement even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Large choice of calibration materials available
  • Just one calibration required for the entire measurement area
  • Also available as a module with full functionality for the stationary measurement instrument MMS PC2


  • Ideal for the measurement of ferrite content in pipework, boilers, containers