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Motorized setting bench for the control and calibration of measuring means with fixed and variable dimensions.

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Motorized Alesta N is the ideal instrument for the control and calibration of measuring means with variable dimensions. Its high precision and finishing level position it as a top-of-the-range model for workshop or laboratory use. It is the perfect answer to current needs in the manufacturing field.

This new model is based on the already well-known Trimos Horizon Setting line, but a new electronics and innovative color display have been incorporated. A modern and ergonomic design, as well as great ease of use, guarantee optimal and high-productivity measuring results.

Trimos proposes a complete range of instruments. All measuring ranges are direct, which means that the whole measuring range is available without adjustment or intermediary re-calibration. A large selection of easily interchangeable accessories completes the possible applications and guarantees a correct positioning of the instruments to be calibrated.

 Perfect for setting and zeroing gauges in the shopfloor, they can also be used as a calibration machine in compliance with ISO standards. The adapters ensure objective and precise setting of gages in just a few seconds.