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Helmut-Fischer POROSCOPE for fast testing

For packaging that stays sealed and for absolute corrosion protection: precise testing devices for the detection of pores and tears in non-conductive surfaces.

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for fast testing


Protective plastic coatings keep sterile packaging for medical products or foodstuffs airtight. Plastic or enamel coatings are used, for example, to protect tanks, ships’ hulls or piping against corrosion. The robust, mobile measurement devices from the POROSCOPE range are ideally suited for quick and easy testing of non-conductive protective coatings to find even the tiniest pores and fissures.


  • Portable porosity testing device for detecting pores and fissures in surfaces
  • Simple and intuitive operation via display and rotary/push-button switch
  • Safe handling ensured by means of a protective resistor, an insulated and grounded handset, and the fact that the high voltage is generated only in the test head
  • Acoustic signal upon detection of a pore
  • Available in three voltage ranges: 0.5 – 0.8 kV (POROSCOPE HV5), 4 – 20 kV (POROSCOPE HV20) and 8 – 20 kV (POROSCOPE HV40) Continuously adjustable test voltage and adaptable sensitivity
  • Various electrodes available for different application areas


  • Enamel- or plastic-coated tanks for mineral oils, pressure vessels, piping, boilers and heat exchangers
  • Anti-corrosion coatings on ships’ hulls
  • Plastic-coated packaging for foodstuffs and medicines