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Helmut-Fischer Measuring stands and sample holders

Increase the efficiency and reliability of your measurements: Measuring stands and sample holders simplify measurements, even on difficult sample geometries.


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Measuring stands and sample holders


When the size and geometry of the parts to be tested push the limits of purely manual measurement, gauge stands are welcome aids. Fischer offers manual and motorized gauge stands for tactile measurement technology. They provide constant test conditions, even for inexperienced users, thereby ensuring repeatably accurate measurements with low standard deviation. In this context, the more difficult the task, the greater the benefit!

With a manual measuring stand, it is possible to avoid such operational errors as skewed or too-forceful application of the probe. The measuring spot on the test sample is defined exactly and reliably hit with each measurement. Beyond that, motorized stands are ideal for the fully automated testing of numerous measuring points.


  • Manual stand: precisely defined positioning of the probe on the test sample
  • Motorized stand: positioning of the probe with continuous speed and constant force for fully reproducible results, optimally suited for the automatic testing of many measuring positions
  • Durable, high quality specimen holders enable the measurement of challenging measurement samples such as foils, wires, rings, chips or fluids