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MAHR Precimar ULM 800 L-E Calibration measuring instruments


  • ULM 800 L-E
  • ULM 1500 L-E
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Precimar ULM 800 L-E Calibration measuring instruments


Large universal length measuring instruments with large direct measuring range are mounted on highly homogeneous rigid granite in a horizontal configuration
X-axis measuring system:

  • Heidenhain incremental, precision length measuring system, 100 mm long in measuring element
  • Heidenhain incremental incident light measuring systems covering the entire length of the base bed and to its right and left
  • Z-axis measuring system: Renishaw incremental, precision length measuring system, 80 mm long
  • Combined measuring instrument for ultra accurate measurements in the range to 100 mm and for measurements in the standard accuracy range
  • Accurate throughout the entire movement range of the measuring element and counter bearing
  • Recommended for measurements of larger measuring objects, but also suitable for measurements of smaller measuring objects
  • Manual operation of measuring spindle
  • Air bearings for smooth manual positioning of measuring element and counter bearing
  • Object height adjustment via pushbuttons (also positioning of predefined increment)
  • Computer provided temperature measurement with 3 sensors
  • Computer-aided instrument zero point stabilizing and correction of systematic instrument errors (CAA)
  • Constant measuring force over the entire measuring spindle setting range
  • Computer-aided correction of temperature and measuring force influences
  • Large object table with precision guidance in the Z direction and a loading capacity of 25 kg
  • Mahr 828 WIN measuring and evaluation software runs under MS Windows®
  • Optional use of measuring axis extensions
  • Inner thread measurement supported by automatic Z positioning

Technical Data

ULM 800 L-E
ULM 1500 L-E
Device dimensions
1500 x 380 x 480
2300 x 380 x 480
Measuring range for outer measurement [mm]
0 to 830
0 to 1620
Measuring range for inner measurement [mm]
0.5 to 670
0.5 to 1465
Direct measuring range [mm]
0 to 525
0 to 1115
Measuring uncertainty MPEE1 (L in mm) [µm]
≤ (0,1+L/2000)
≤ (0,1+L/2000)
Measuring forces [N]
0.2 ; 1.0 to 4.5 ; 11
0.2 ; 1.0 to 4.5 ; 11
Repeatability [µm]
≤ 0,05
≤ 0,05
Device length [mm]
Mass [kg]




  • Large number of accessory kits and modular components for completing a wide variety of measuring tasks, including the measurement of:
  • Thread gages
  • Taper gages
  • Conical thread gages
  • Gears
  • Factory calibration or DAkkS/DKD calibration can be additionally offered for this measuring station