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MAHR Millimar C 1700 PC Gaging computer

  • Millimar C 1700 PC
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Millimar C 1700 PC Gaging computer

  • Interactive, touch-capable software
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • User-friendly setup of measuring tasks
  • Simple operation via predefined formulas for most common features
  • Management of measuring tasks
  • Assignment of pictures or drawings per measuring task
  • Static and dynamic measurements
  • Supported by graphical control elements
  • Live-indication of measuring values and features
  • Digital and analog displays for simultaneous indication of up to 128 features
  • Connection of Millimar N 1700 modules in combination with inductive probes as well as Mahr instruments with data interface
  • Connection of Mahr instruments with Integrated Wireless
  • Data export in MS-Excel or in qs-Stat format (dfq, dfx or dfd format)
  • Password protected user levels (3 levels)
  • Online help (operating instruction) integrated in Cockpit software