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MAHR MarSurf M 400 Mobile surface measuring instrument

  • Bright illuminated color display
  • Automatic mode for standard device settings
  • Integrated thermal printer with high print quality
  • Simple to handle thanks to large color display and intuitive user guidance
  • Print the R-profile via the thermal graphics printer
  • Printed log either by pressing a button or automatically
  • Data transfer of results and profiles via USB interface to your PC
  • Evaluation of most common parameters as per ISO /JIS and characteristic curves, parameter lists (e.g. material ratio curve)
  • Printing of R-profile (ISO/ASME/JIS), P-profile (MOTIF), material ratio curve, measuring record
  • Measuring units (?m/?inch) and standards (ISO/JIS/ASME/MOTIF) are selectable
  • Integrated memory for the results of up to 40,000 measurements and 30 profiles
  • Tolerance monitoring
  • Setting of asymmetrical intersection lines for peak count calculation
  • Cylindrical drive unit with hand-held support and PHT-series probe
  • Individual sampling lengths and short cutoff can be selected
  • Lock for instrument settings
  • Date and time of measurement
  • Suitable for use with stationary measuring station
  • MarSurf PS1/M 300 Explorer software for recording measurements (optional)
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MarSurf M 400 Mobile surface measuring instrument


Technical data

Measuring principle
Stylus method
BFW skidless system
Measuring range mm
+/- 250 µm (up to +/- 750 µm with 3x probe arm length)
Profile resolution
Measuring range +/- 250 µm: 8 nm
Measuring range +/- 25 µm: 0.8 nm
Filter according to ISO/JIS
Gaussian filter as per ISO 11562
Filter as per ISO 13565
Number n of sampling length according to ISO/JIS
Contacting speeds
0,2 mm/s; 1,0 mm/s
2 µm
Measuring force (N)
0.75 mN
Weight drive unit
approx. 0.9 kg
Weight measuring instrument
approx. 1.0 kg
Surface parameters
Over 50 surface parameters for R, P and W profiles according to current ISO/JIS or MOTIF standards (ISO 12085)



Machine building

  • Bearings, shafts, racks, valves

Automotive industry

  • Steering, brake system, gearbox, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head, cylinder block, turbocharger

Steel industry

  • Measurement of sheet metal surfaces
  • Measurement of roller surface


  • Surface roughness measurement for hip and knee endoprosthesess


  • Turbine components


Measuring stand

  • ST-D, ST-F and ST-G
  • Holder on measuring stand

Other accessories

  • CT 120 XY table, parallel vise, V-block
  • Assorted probe arms for the BFW probe system


  • MarSurf M 400 evaluation instrument
  • MarSurf SD 26 drive unit including BFW 250 probe system
  • Standard probe arm (6852403)
  • 1 roll of thermal paper
  • Wide-range power supply unit with 3 adapters
  • 2 USB cables (for connecting to the PC and the M 400)
  • Operating instructions
  • Case