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MAHR MarSurf CNC modular

MarSurf CNC modular. CNC measuring stations based on standard components
A standard surface measuring station can be expanded into a user-friendly, semi-automatic CNC measuring station simply by adding auxiliary table axes and possibly a measuring cabinet.

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MarSurf CNC modular

  • Plug-and-play configuration of the control unit
  • Easy to operate MarWin Software measuring wizard
  • Universal concept for workpiece holder and clamp
  • Minimal training required


Measurement close to the production area

  • Pallet measurement
  • Topography measurement
  • Multiple measuring points on one part without reclamping
  • Automatic X-axis alignment
  • Universal measuring station for a wide variety of measuring tasks
  • Automatic zenith search


  • Table plate with clamping sphere adapter and universal clamping plate
  • Standard measuring station upgraded to MarSurf CNC modular


  • MarSurf XC 20 measuring station with PCV 200
  • Alternatively: MarSurf LD 130 / LD 260 / UD 130 measuring station
  • Including midrange CNC controller
  • MarSurf ST 500 / 750 CNC measuring stand
  • MCP 21 manual control panel

Optional table axes

  • T1S-L linear axis 200 mm
  • T1S-R rotation axis
  • T3S-LLR 3 table axes comprising 2 linear and one rotation axis

Optional measuring cabinet