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MarShaft MAN is a universal, modular shaft measuring instrument for the fast and flexible measurement of shaft-type testpieces.

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MarShaft MAN Manual tactile shaft measuring machine

Precision workpieces can be produced cost-effectively and to a high level of quality across all manufacturing stages – from cutting to length through to hard finishing – if the individual process steps are kept consistently stable. That is exactly where production-floor characteristics testing with MarShaft MAN comes in. Short feedback times on reaching the tolerance limits and seamless documentation of all functional data relating to the component soon pay off.
The MarShaft MAN shaft measuring center is the right solution for your quality control.
The MarShaft MAN shaft measuring center is available in a number of different instrument sizes (workpiece lengths up to 400 mm / 800 mm / 1200 mm / 1600 mm / 2000 mm / 2400 mm, diameters from 120 mm to 220 mm) and its modular design allows it to be adapted to individual measuring tasks. The measuring modules (e.g. diameter, length, roundness module) can be arranged in any order or can easily be added at a later date.


Advantages at a glance:
  • No operator influence
  • Highly accurate measuring results
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Measuring system for all typical measuring tasks, including length, diameter, radial run-out, axial run-out, recess width, cone angle, roundness, coaxiality, concentricity and much more
  • Automatic measuring force application to avoid operator influence
  • Good workshop compatibility for direct use in production
  • User-friendly MarCheck evaluation computer (2 models)


Technical data

Diameter error limit (X) (µm)
(0.8 + L/100) µm, L (length) in mm
(at 20°C ± 1°C on reference standard)
Length error limit (Z) (µm)
(3 + L/100) µm, L (length) in mm
(at 20°C ± 1°C on reference standard)
Angle resolution (°)
Measuring range diameter (X) (mm)
120 or 220
Workpiece weight (max.) in kg (text)
20 / 60
Length/diameter resolution (mm)
Measuring range length (Z) (mm)
400 / 800 / 1200


Typical workpieces:

  • Crankshaft, camshaft, gear shaft, rack, axle journal, hollow shaft, drive shaft, turning parts

Typical measuring tasks:

  • Length, diameter, radial run-out/axial run-out

Other measuring tasks:

  • Distance, recess width, depth, increment, recess diameter, roundness, taper, radius, position of cross-holes, and much more

MarCheck for MarShaft MAN

MarShaft MAN Manual tactile shaft measuring machine


MarCheck is a new, compact measuring and evaluation unit for manual MarShaft MAN shaft measuring machines, featuring intuitive controls and an excellent range of functions. The minimal training input that is required means that the instrument can be used straight away, saving time and money. The large, easy-to-read monochrome LCD display (240 x 160 dots) can display up to three measuring channels at the same time. The individual measuring channels are activated automatically on the display when measuring with the corresponding measuring axis. The measuring direction is displayed. The MarCheck comes as standard with three measuring channels, for two linear measuring axes (Z and X) and one rotational measuring axis (C), which if necessary can be reconfigured to a linear measuring axis (R). The precision measuring spindle (C-axis) is controlled by MarCheck and switched on and off automatically for radial run-out and roundness measurements.

Performance features

  • Large, easy-to-read monochrome LCD display (240 x 160 dots) with backlight
  • 3 measuring channels (Z-axis, X-axis, and C-/R-axis)
  • Numeral size approx. 13 mm
  • 1 USB interface for max. 3 GB USB stick
  • 1 USB interface for PC (optionally RS232 interface, data analysis in Excel or MarCom software) or software installation (updates)
  • Can be connected to an inkjet printer
  • Roundness and radial run-out measured with the DMS 120, no additional R-axis required
  • Automatic adoption of measuring values on reaching the non-user specific measuring force
  • Automatic adoption of calibration values from the individual measuring modules


Measuring and programming functions

  • Evaluation of diameters, length dimensions, distances, taper, symmetry, center-to-center distance, roundness, axial run-out, radial run-out, concentricity, workpiece axis datum calculation, maximum/minimum function, preset function for datum points outside the workpiece.
  • Teach-in programming, storage in MarCheck or on external PC or USB stick, printing to an external printer, internal storage of up to 40 measuring programs


Technical data

Grating constant

option; 2 µm; 4 µm; 10 µm; 20 µm; 40 µm

Interface data

1x RS 232; 1x USB 2.0 type A, 1x USB 2.0 type B

Incremental inputs

T1; T2; T3 (sin/cos 1 Vss) 15-pin D-Sub

Max. permissible travel speed

0.2 m/s at G = 2 µm
0.4 m/s at G = 4 µm
  1 m/s at G = 10 µm
  2 m/s at G = 20 µm with MarShaft MAN
  4 m/s at G = 40 µm

Input signal – cutoff frequency

<100 kHz with sin/cos 1 Vss

Standard languages

German; English; French
Other languages can be installed from an external PC via the USB interface

Measuring units

mm/inches switchable in menu

Frequency check response threshold

100 kHz

Resolution per measuring channel can be independently set

0.0001 mm; 0.001 mm; 0.01 mm
0.00001 inch; 0.0001 inch; 0.001 inch
0.001° decimal; ° min, sec