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The MarCheck plus  control electronics is designed only for operating MarShaft MAN instruments (sizes 400 mm to 2400 mm) using MarWin EasyShaft MAN measuring and evaluation software.

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MarShaft MAN Manual tactile shaft-measuring-machine with software MarWin EasyShaft


The control unit is available as a basic (4 measurement channels) or premium (9 measurement channels) model, with the premium model having two additional ports for temperature sensors, which are required for optional temperature compensation.

With the new evaluation software MarWin EasyShaft MAN, Mahr is setting new standards for the shaft measuring technology available on the market.
Operation has predominantly been adopted from the very successful evaluation software of Mahr’s optical shaft measuring machine from the MarShaft SCOPE plus product range.

Very simple and intuitive operation minimizes the amount of training required. Learning to operate the MarWin EasyShaft MAN evaluation software is possible in the shortest amount of time. No programming knowledge is required, measuring programs are created in Teach-In mode. The individual features are simply measured successively and this measuring sequence is then saved as the measuring program.

A 15.6″ panel PC with touchscreen monitor (including base), that is suitable for the production area, is used as the evaluation computer.



• Robust panel PC suitable for production with 15.6″ touchscreen monitor (including stand)
• Protection class IP54 (dustproof and splash-proof)
• TFT 15.6″ touchscreen
• i5 CPU 3337U, 1.8GHz, DDR3 SO-DIMM max. 8GB, SSD SATA 2.5″ 256GB, RAM 4GB
• Operating system Windows 10
• 4 measuring channels (MarCheck basic) and 9 measuring channels (MarShaft premium)
• Designed for the manual shaft measuring machines MarShaft MAN 400 to MAN 2400
• Can be retrofitted to all MarShaft MAN shaft machines


Measurement and programming functions

• Absolutely simple operation
• Fast measurement without measuring program
• Teach-In programming
• Barcode connection
• Data export to statistics programs extends the scope of services,
QS-Stat and QS-Stat plus interface
• The well-known Windows® user interface ensures short processing times
• Uniform Mahr software across all products (e.g. MarWin EasyShaft Scope or MarWin EasyForm)
• Overview of structure through window technology
• Easy handling thanks to 100% touchscreen functionality
• Many functions can be directly selected via symbols (icons)
• Comfortable and state-of-the-art measurement program management
• Precise test reports – black or white or colored – on all Windows® printers
• Future-proof investment, runs under Windows 10

Technical data

Grating constant
option; 2 µm; 4 µm; 10 µm; 20 µm; 40 µm
Interface data
1x RS 232; 1x USB 2.0 type A, 1x USB 2.0 type B
Incremental inputs
T1; T2; T3 (sin/cos 1 Vss) 15-pin D-Sub
Max. permissible travel speed
0.2 m/s at G = 2 µm
0.4 m/s at G = 4 µm
1 m/s at G = 10 µm
2 m/s at G = 20 µm with MarShaft MAN
4 m/s at G = 40 µm
Input signal – cutoff frequency
<100 kHz with sin/cos 1 Vss
Standard languages
German; English; French
Other languages can be installed from an external PC via the USB interface
Measuring units
mm/inches switchable in menu
Frequency check response threshold
100 kHz
Resolution per measuring channel can be independently set
0.0001 mm; 0.001 mm; 0.01 mm
0.00001 inch; 0.0001 inch; 0.001 inch
0.001° decimal; ° min, sec