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MAHR MarGear GRP1 Roughness Probe

Expansion package for roughness measurement and analysis on gears

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MarGear GRP1 Roughness Probe

In the field of gear metrology, Mahr already offers highly accurate reference systems that combine gear measurement with the measurement of diameters or form. Moreover in the field of surface metrology, we at Mahr have brought the worldwide styling method to perfection.

So what could be more obvious than to measure and document roughness parameters such as Ra and Rz when testing your workpieces with a gear measuring device?
As a specialist for inductive probes, Mahr combines the advantages of its self-developed universal 3D probe with the precision of the proven roughness probe PHT. Gear and roughness measurement grow together.
Combine the gear analytical measurement with roughness characteristics monitoring on the MarGear GMX series gauging centers. Simultaneously document typical roughness parameters such as Ra and Rz during inspection without reclamping the workpiece on another measuring station. The superior positioning accuracy of the MarGear GMX combined with the new motorized swivel axis of the MarGear roughness probe ensures maximum reproducibility.

Your advantages:

  • Miniaturized roughness probe for toothing from module 0.8
  • The MarWin platform allows the use of our known roughness software for surface metrology at the gear measuring center
  • Automatic swivel axis of the roughness probe enables standard surface measurement even on helical gears
  • Characteristic values e.g. according to ISO 4287 or ISO 13565-2


  • Roughness at teeth flanks
  • Roughness at bearing positions