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MAHR MaraMeter 840 E Indicating snap gage

  • Extremely accurate due to the straight transfer of spindle movement to the inductive measuring system according to the Abbe principle
  • Universally applicable and extremely versatile
    – Each instrument spans a broad measuring range
    – Any dimension and fit can be very quickly and easily adjusted
  • Constant measuring force as a result of built-in spring, eliminating user influence
  • Maximum wear resistance due to non-contact positioning in conjunction with carbide tipped measuring faces
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MaraMeter 840 E Indicating snap gage

Technical data

Order no. Product type Application range mm Readings/Selectable resolution down to Measuring span in mm Measuring surface diameter Parallel error in µm Repeatability fw (µm) Measuring force
840 E
0 – 25
0.01 µm
0.5 mm
7.5 mm
0.3 µm
0.1 µm
4.5 N