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Helmut-Fischer COULOSCOPE CMS2, coulometric method

Desktop instrument for thickness measurement of virtually all metallic coatings, including multi-layers, on either metallic or non-metallic substrates.


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coulometric method


Coulometric coating thickness measurement for quality control

Above a certain layer thickness, the non-destructive measurement of layer thickness with X-ray fluorescence reaches its limits. This is where the COULOSCOPE® CMS2 comes into play. It measures the coating thickness of almost any metal layer by using the coulometric method. This is done quite simply by deplating the coating. Many common single- and multilayer coatings can be measured accurately with the COULOSCOPE CMS2.

The coulometric method is a cost-effective, precise alternative to the X-ray fluorescence method – provided you can accept a destructive method for coating thickness measurement. It offers you maximum flexibility, as it can be used for a wide range of coating-carrier combinations. You benefit from the coulometric method of coating thickness measurement especially in the quality control of electroplated coatings, as well as for monitoring the residual tin thickness on printed circuit boards.


STEP test: coulometric coating thickness measurement and measurement of electrochemical potentials

If you want to measure electrochemical potentials in addition to the coating thickness when using the coulometric method, the COULOSCOPE CMS2 STEP is your instrument. The STEP test method allows you to measure the differences in potential and the layer thicknesses of multiple nickel coatings simultaneously – ideal for determining e.g. the corrosion behavior of these coatings.



  • Precise measurement of multilayer coatings with highly accurate electrolytic deplating technique (coulometry)
  • Coating deplating according to DIN EN ISO 2177
  • Intuitive operation via color display and graphically supported user guidance
  • Easy selection of the deplating speed (0.1–50 microns/min) and the deplating area (0.6–3.2mm)
  • Almost 100 predefined measuring applications for different coating systems (e.g. zinc on iron or nickel on brass)
  • Graphical display of the voltage curve on the measuring cell
  • Graphical and statistical evaluation options
  • Partially automated measurement with support stands for various sample sizes
  • Comprehensive portfolio of accessories for adaptation to specific requirements

Additional features with COULOSCOPE CMS2 STEP

  • Simultaneous measurement of layer thickness and potential differences
  • Functions for STEP test measurement according to ASTM B764 – 04 and DIN EN 16866
  • Automatic test cycle for conditioning the silver reference electrode (generation of the necessary AgCl layer)
  • Adjustable deplating current
  • Evaluation of the potential curves directly on the measuring device


  • Production monitoring in electroplating and incoming inspection of finished parts
  • Exact thickness measurement of practically any metal coating from 0.05–50µm (depending on the material)
  • Coating thickness measurement of single and multilayer coatings on metallic and non-metallic substrates
  • Multilayer coatings e.g. chrome/nickel/copper on iron or plastic substrates (ABS)
  • Dual-layer coatings e.g. tin/nickel on silver or copper
  • Single layers like zinc on iron

Additional application with COULOSCOPE CMS2 STEP

  • STEP test measurement: multiple nickel layer systems on copper, iron, aluminum or plastic substrates (ABS)